Drew Skyland

Feminine Issues Meets Bohemian Fashion!
The stories untold by Drew Skyland. Bohemian art, Deconstructive Chic photography, and a twist on Femininity.


Drew's Story

Bohemian, Sexy, Feminine

I'm half full, I'm half empty.

Walking around sitting pretty.

In the air, I smell grass, Daddy~O is talking fast.

He brings me rubies, he brings me gold, my waist is smaller than his wallet beholds.

Under my garments, stockings unfold, in the bed, stories untold.

And in the town I'm the black sheep, mother's calling, she said you'll reap...

The golden hour, 

Is where you'll find me.

Sitting with Tiffany eating breakfast, 

Talking of men, while our whips are crackling.

I like my coffee how I like my men.

Right and tight and to the point.

I like my accessories how I like my women, 

Flashy with a little bit of modesty...

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Tell that to the roses that prick everyday. 

And look at him standing nice and tall, 

Polished soldier, most masculine of them all. 

But I am one, and one is he.

I can't wait to seduce him to the tree. 

It's 1943, can't you see. 

Everything you've done to me. 

Now bite into my apple, bite into my pedals, 

Bite into my thorns, I hope her's was an empty treasure.

And when you sleep, and where you lie,

Ill be there in divine.

Express, expresso, Daddy~O,

Mo-Zay-oh, he brings me rubies and gold, but never love.

For the only thing that men are worthy of, is inadequacy and the devil's tounge.

- Drew Skyland