A call for Help

I am nothing without you.

You inspired me to not only be myself to the world but to myself.

Sweet like honey, savory like milk.

The grace of many will never compare to you.

The dreams of men will never touch your form.

The walk you achieved paced and paved my ambition.

You are a star, mother.

I am so pleased and humbled to represent black ballroom culture in your name.

The gains that you set aside for yourself was not just for you but for my future.

You thought about me before I was even born and I can never thank you enough.

A fore frontier giving me the guidelines to treasure authentic freedom.

This is my prayer.

Oh, guide me rich and full.

For you are the center of attention.

You will never leave my sight and I’ll never leave your hand.

Kissed my forehead and told me everything will be alright.

The embodiment of femininity and sultry.

You told me to run and not be afraid. I’m doing this for the both of us.

Not for the scumbags who just fetishized us on the daily.

Not for the men who hate us and certainly not for the men who love us.

Getting ready in heaven hearing them call my name. I can hear you in the crowd clapping. The heels tapping on the gold pavement. You gave little boys a glimpse of femininity. You gave me a reset on my soul. You are forever in my heart. You are forever in my tears. And you are forever in my walk. I will love you for all eternities and I know you will always have my back even after your murder. You are the one and only.

Ms. Venus Xtravangaza

Death can not reach you.

You own everything.

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