Exodus | Stories Untold | Vintage Fashion

Never let a man tell you what your worth is as modern art. You was awaken by the heavens to command and enchant what history needs. You are forever bounded in your mind, but your body is morphed into vintage idolatry that has been passed for generations to manifest untrainable beauty. You are the vintage design that no man can touch. I am Eric Stanton’s final art piece. You are Drew Skyland’s creationist for the stories untold.

I enjoy crying when it was him dominating my world.

Iron on my chest and fire on my back.

Drove me till I finished.

A bait trap in the ocean that smelled of cucumbers.

Axe of Island was his smell.

The smell of my existence. — Drew Skyland

- 1950 -

• Sexual Assault • Sex Trafficking • Sexual Abuse

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