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Updated: May 20, 2019

I’m not your pet.

I am not your dog.

Your words are stabs to my heart.

Why take away my remaining days?

I am not your stress ball.

I’m not the “x” that marks the spot.

I am not the punching back to re-certify your manhood nor the rain under your boots.

Your apologies are simple mirages.

Your release on my wrist is yet to come again.

Why borrow something that you can keep. — Drew Skyland

• To my past love affairs. Thank you for the harm, disrespect, and humiliation. I am now a beautiful, strong individual who only listens to what myself have to say. Remember my loves, a true man finds the beauty in everything. He is kind and delicate to his precious garden. He will water you, support you, and help you grow to produce art. You are the flower, and don’t let anyone stomp on the way you live your life.

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