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Updated: Jun 13, 2019

If you want to become modern art my dear, then you must follow these three steps.

Always remember the history of your ancestors and you shall succeed. Vintage fashion tells stories of art, and art is the story untold. I declare you become your own designer of time. Embrace your story, share your vision, and indulge in the vintage.

A thunder of sickness on my muscles.

Devastation & confinement.

Will waking up solve all my problems?

Does problems start when we wake up reality?

The marks on my body are not what you think.

Warrior or servant?

Fearful or the fearing?

I have never saw the beach so still and also my mind.

The marking in my head settles deeper than blood. — Drew Skyland

- 1939 -

• Colorism • Race Obsession • Objectivity

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