Freesia, 1964

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

My heart is sideways, yet I grow straight.

Tears of fall are caught at noon.

The earth despises my blossom.

I rest but not for long.

My beauty will rise from the dead.

I shall speak from ash.

I lift to increase and I increase to fall.

Tears of Spring are in Summer and all.

My fears are in July, yet I suffer in June.

May I walk the earth in April with pride. — Drew Skyland

*To my past self—I pray to God that you will you see you are one, and one is beauty.

To my current self —You shall grow but you will hurt. You will love but will be confused. You will flourish but will be impatient.

To my future self —Appreciate your queerness. Your femininity is what makes you. It is okay to be scared.

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