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Updated: May 29, 2019

Why am I afraid of a man walking to me? I can handle an angry man, a skeptical man, but an approachable man is my greatest fear. My dad taught me right when he said modern art is never seen at first sight. I wonder if he saw me when I told him I am more than who he thinks I am. I can only imagine him holding my hand in vintage photos, and touching my hair full of history. My vintage fashion did what no man has ever done for me. The real untold story is that it keeps me safe.




The mirror cracks but never shall fall.

The butterfly sits on the web.

My mother doesn’t love me.

The backbend of oppression is tucked upright.

Balance comes after reliance.

Crystals waltz on his back for he is beautiful...

In the middle of the highway, there is a way.

To dominate is to conform one self.

To acknowledge is to know what true love is. — Drew Skyland

- 1956 -

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