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You will never understand the difficulties of your mom calling you a fag, your family physically harming you, the cops laughing in your face when you ask for help. You will never understand the looks from society for being modern art. You will never be in that person’s shoes to be afraid to kiss their loved one or show ANY sign of affection without someone replying with a form of harassment. You will never understand not being accepted by the people you thought that had your back since the vintage era. You will never feel like the secret, the oddity, a person‘s untold story that always stays behind closed doors for a quick relapse of history for some type of emotional stability for a man that can not come terms with himself and would rather push you in the closet and keep you inside the box where you will never be a part of his life besides in the bedroom. You will never experience conversion therapy. People spitting on your name, your body, and mocking the craftsmanship of your vintage fashion. You will never come close to being told the wrath of God is coming for you because you love who you love.


Despair lurks on me everyday.

Sadness reigns on me.

Destruction falls on me.

2nd choice is my middle name.

How do you expect somebody to smile over this?

The people that are closest to you go against you.

Their love was a trap, and I was the bait.

Everyone is an artifact, but I am the rock.

Myself is the rock, a burden in the mist.

A burden in the mist sinking in a dried up river.

A dried up river where there is a rainbow with no ending.

A rainbow with no ending has a boy with dreams gone to waste just like his mind. — Drew Skyland

- 1943 -

• Homophobia • Sexual Assault • Sexual Abuse • Sexual Harassment • Mental Illness

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