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Updated: May 21, 2019

Lets do the paper brown test.”

The needles on my back will kill me if you leave.

I can’t take it much longer.

My soul will bear but my heart shall run...

to find it’s rightful owner.

The leaves will darken.

The sun will never come out.

Soft-spoken spirits.

The Imitative, the Insidious, and the Imagine.

Will be the only true thing keeping me company?

My soul will go out but my heart shall stay.

Just to see you wake up again.

The leaves will be green

and the sun will rise.

I give you a final kiss and watch you die in my arms.

Oh sweet Becca of the seven deities.

You was my only chance of freedom in this world. — Drew Skyland

• Is race the race? • 1950 •

To be a minority is hard, but to be a minority in modern art is everlasting worth. To my beautiful chocolate girls, boys, people ; you are the reason for my craft of the vintage art.

You are the flower dancing in the dark tunnel with no space for light, creating life. You are the compass of your own identity. You are a fine, rare artifact that is discovered by people who love the exploration of the unknown. Melanin on your face glows with your bell crisp smile. You are important. You are history. You are individual. And with that comes a price in society... Stay unique, stay educating, and stay prosperous. - Drew Skyland

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