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Updated: May 21, 2019

Thank you for the calm. 1946 ~

We appreciate the caring, but never the well-being.

Everyday you would welcome me with kindness only you can muscle up at early dawn.

You was the person I was afraid to cry in front of.

I was the jumper, and you was the river.

You would always catch me.

I can not thank you enough for your life boat.— Drew Skyland

• Tell that special someone that you love them before it’s too late. We as people move constantly. History as we know moves constantly. The future will be still if you let it. Whether that’s death or continuation, their soul will never feel your warm heart unless you speak. The art of vintage fashion can show 1,000 emotions with no words. The retro vision of Hedy Lamar with modern art depiction of Drew Skyland will change the way you think.

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