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Updated: May 22, 2019

You are modern art my beautiful. The rain came at the perfect time to grow a marvelous creation. The centerpiece in the museum that men will turn to look at. Your beauty is not ideal but the art of who you are is. History is in your favor because you have the power to alter the boundaries that were put on your expectancy many years ago. Vintage is the power that I wield to alters the minds of men.

All hail the Monarch.

The crown on the head while the body is underneath the feet.

His whimpers are submissive and wield the power of authority.

Society is built on false advertisement and dysfunctional reasoning.

Love is not how you think it is honey...

Honey is what you think love is.

It is bright yet tart.

Fast and slow.

Tasty or overbearing.

Bounded by standards or bondages by fear.

I can assure you someone is near.

They are realizing that sexuality is a tool.

The map of deadlocks.

The circumference of the circle.

The rope on my neck.

The sweetness from his tongue. — Drew Skyland

— 1955 —

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