Reconciliation | Drew Skyland

I am deeply sorry on my inactivity towards you all.

This year has made me challenge my mindset, reflect on it, and start over. It is scary pressing refresh or the restart button but we all need a little reboot every once in a while. I will be posting less frequently as I am still self discovering and manifesting the future of Drew Skyland, but I can not quit fashion. Clothes has saved my life through all aspects and I felt that I lost that. This definitive happiness I get when an outfit is complete or when I walk in fitted garments and realize my self worth is more than anything I can ask for. I know there is some grammar errors in this, but this is a heart to heart conversation. From my heart, Drew Skyland, to yours. I’m in a 60’s-70’s vibe so let’s savor in this my beauties. Ciao!

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