Releasing, Oh Releasing

Mental health is a thing,

mental health is real.

if you need help, don’t be embarrassed.

so I’ve decided a lot throughout this year.

I’ve been off of social media for over a year now and I feel a little better about myself but there is one incident that have been bothering me that I do not wish to take on anymore.

I had a friend a while ago who I thought was my best buddy, but that did not turn out well or age well. I don’t know if she ever respected me for who I am or what I was bringing to the table for our relationship.

Well, one day she had a friend who called me on her phone harassing me and calling me names because she saw what I was creating for myself (discovered I was non-binary, started crossdressing, made a book, etc.) well she did not like what I was representing. Her friend called me a joke.

I don’t even know the girl‘s name who harassed me till this day but the stuff she said left an imprint on my mind psyche.

She said I was a mockery, she said I will never know a black woman’s trauma, that I am a joke, that I am distasteful and all these hurtful things.

This is what I have to say to that:

First off all, I do this because I want to. Not because of giving praise to the culture, or trying to play something I’m not.

I crossdress because I love it. It’s a form of rebellion, aliveness, and honestly within myself that I have not been able to explore or have given to me because I grew up in a black Christian household. I grew up where black boys would bully me, I had no friends, and black girls did not want me.

I just so happen to be black and cross dress. End of discussion.

I do not cross dress to imitate. I do not represent my art because of attention.

I crossdress because I want to feel prettt in my own sexuality and skin.

I represent my brand because nobody ever represented me, nor had the balls to protect me.

So, for anybody who thinks I’m just

a joke


a fag



too black


imitating something I’m not


thank you for your opinion! Now stay irrelevant :)

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