Silver Skeye | Stories Untold | Vintage Fashion

You are the bird with tar in his wings. The spectacles of vintage heroes surround you to gain willpower to fly. Please fly and tell your untold story. The modern art needs to hear a revelation. They need to hear your history. I need to be set free, and so do you. My cage is set in stone, but vintage fashion presents me of memories unknown.

Who am I?

Am I a flower ready to be bloomed?

Am I a wild animal that doesn’t understand where I am?

Should I be more attentive to what I want?

Should I consider lost souls’ feelings on how they judge me?

I am me.

Black or white.

Soft or rugged.

Gay or straight.

Unapologetic or a sensitive wildflower...

Traditions are meant to be broken but a young man’s hope will always keep him surviving.

No matter who or what you are.

Time is ticking for all of us.

Self-identity is a process. - Drew Skyland


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