The Art of Uniformity, 1950

I shouldn‘t be scared.

I should not be angry.

Why am I?

Is it the fact the modern way to run a person’s life is either tradition or religious purpose?

Or maybe the undertone of my land is ran by homophobic white males whom declares selfishness and shall drive my people into the empty abyss we call home.

My voice is naturally high.

My body is not in God’s creation but in his manifestation of detoxifying growth of the revival.

My emotions are seesaw...

I can never be a boy.

What is that nowadays...

Just because I don’t expect a girl to give it up at the end of the night. I wear high waisted jeans and pride on my shoulder. I have long hair which is a crown of my deliverance. My voice is high to reconcile my freedom. My uncomfortableness is a gift.

I am a curious individual. I will never be what you want me to be.

I am not like the next, I am far from finish, and I only have just begun. — Drew Skyland

*You have a story to tell. I believe in you. History is on your side. Whether you disagree or agree, you have to respect the truth. The truth will not set you free but will make you open.

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