Tranquility, 1948

Peaceful day.

The birds are chirping.

Kids are dancing.

A man is watching.

A man is watching.

He doesn‘t try to hide it.

He licks his lips as he stare as I walk.

He’s hungry.

He is hungry.

Hungry for what I have.

Hungry for what I can offer him.

I don’t want to offer him anything.

I don’t want to offer him anything because I know he will never love me.

Rape is not love.

Love is not rape.

He‘s hungry.

He walks towards me.

I back away.

Did I make it alive.

You tell me ? — Drew Skyland

* I appreciate your beauty and I appreciate your grace. Men will never understand the struggles that we face. I am here to tell you that tranquility is on your side , and when you walk your walk your power shall not be denied.

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