Women’s Suffrage, 1908

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

It’s 1920 and the girls are whirling .

Backs are turning and the march is starting .

My mother‘s beauty keeps me hold in the moment . Women’s suffrage is important , yet men don’t condemn it .

I‘m on the side of the building just staring at the sun . Mother nature kisses my cheek and Father time slows down the way . My heels clack on the broken road as I hear women protesting for their riches and golds. Yet , I’m only a man...

Staring at the wooden clock on top of the tower . I hear tears , and I see emotion . The girls have did it . They made their moment.

I salute to Susan B., Stanton, and Stone for keeping the women here and my mom’s heart going . — Drew Skyland

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