Ruched Style Bohemian Dress by Drew Skyland. We have sizes from 0 to 16. If you can not find your size, NO PROBLEM; we will definitely accommodate to fit your needs the best we can. Purchase the garment of your choice, send a screenshot or payment reference to with personal measurements (waist, bust, etc.). All materials will be washed before and steamed afterwards. Due to COVID-19 all materials will be handled with durable latex gloves. Your package will include your design, a branding sticker, a business card, and a personal note from the designer, themselves. Expect a minimum of two weeks before your package arrives. Thank you and happy shopping!

Ruched Style Bohemian Dress

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  • For returns and refunds -

    There are no refunds. This is because due to COVID-19 and the pandemic we try to keep our customers and guest safe as possible. Furthermore, once a garment is shipped out it is officially yours. If it is a problem on our part such as missizing or a broken stitch, then follow the instructions below.

    If you need to return a design or request a refund here are the steps

    email on your specific request. 

    Within 3-7 business days, you should receive a confirmation email if your request was approved. If so,

    Ship the garment back to our headquarters, and once arrived your new design will begin processing. You will have to pay 40% of the design cost for expenses such as materials and labor. If you have any questions feel free to email us, Thank you for your consideration!